How to use Pinterest to Promote your Business

How to use Pinterest to Promote your Business

Pinterest is a social networking platform concentrating on images. It has grown so fast over the past few months and is becoming super-popular. It now ranks third on engagement after Facebook and Tumblr.

Everyone enjoys a nice picture and that’s what Pinterest focuses on. Users share any pictures they find online by “pinning” them to their boards, which they can organize by category. To use it you download a toolbar which is allows you to “pin” images from any website. It is sort of like giving something a Facebook “like” or a Twitter “retweet” except you can share anything from the whole internet. Users follow each others boards according to their interests, and can “like” others’ pins or “re-pin” others’ images to your boards.

There are a number of ways that you can use this fast-growing social network to promote your business:

Pin pictures of your own products

Create boards to categorize your areas of business, and start pinning photos of your own products, or of people using your services. These are likely to be from your own website or blog to begin with, but start searching for photos other people have posted around the interest of them enjoying whatever it is that you sell.

Showcase your services

If you have no tangible product to sell you can still pin examples of your work. If you are a hairdresser, post pictures of your clients, if you offer consulting services of any kind, you can post screen shots or inspirational messages, or people using the skills you have taught them. Be creative to find a visual way to sell your services.

Search Engine Optimization

Pinterest pins will drive traffic back to your site. Always remember to use relevant backlinks in order to maximize the search engine optimization value of your pins. Use targeted keywords in you descriptions.

Share your Pins

When you pin a picture you have the option of Tweeting them or sharing them on Facebook. Use this functionality for extra promotion and drive traffic to your Pinterest boards from your other networks.

Feature Price tags

Pinterest allows the user to add a price tag when creating a pin. This also allow you to create a link which can point back to your website.

Encourage Re-Pinning

Offer rewards for those who promote you. For example, you can ask users to re-pin and share your pictures in exchange for entry into a draw for a prize. Their followers will see you content and perhaps become your followers too.

Branch Out

People who are interested in your business will also be interested in the peripheral businesses that you deal with. For example, if you sell shoes, your clients will be interested in matching accessories, or clothing. Offer them that complimentary added value and you will bring in more followers.


As with all social networks, forming relationships requires interaction and engagement. Follow what is going on in your community, comment on others pins, follow other users, ask your clients to pin their favorite of your products, perhaps while they wear or use them.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a dominant player in the social-networking field. Consider whether it is the right social networking platform for you and your business and your marketing strategy, and if you thin it is, get in there and give it a try.  For more advice on using Social Media to promote your business contact us by email and we would be happy to help.


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