Small Business Social Media Basics

Small Business Social Media Basics

I write out a checklist for many of my clients, for them to refer back to after our sessions. Not all of these platforms are suited to all types of business. One of the major things we discuss is which platforms they ought to be using. Also, different businesses will use these platforms in different ways. You should always consider what you want to get out of social media before you spend time setting up any of these pages and profiles. Below is a very generalized checklist for the major platforms that I hope will be of use to small businesses.


Set up a page, add a profile and cover photo, add some info.

Ask your clients, customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues to like your page.

Post something about your business, a new product, a photo of your location, an interesting thing you did today.

Do that every day.

Ask people what they think, encourage comments.

Find pages that are relevant to your business, like them, and comment on them.

Consider some targeted advertising.


Set up a profile, add a profile photo, and a short bio, use keywords.

Tweet something about your business, promote something, tell us something fun.

Find people to follow; clients, competitors, industry experts, even your neighbors.

Follow a few new people every few days, it’s OK if you don’t know them.

Tweet at least twice a day.

Retweet and reply to people.

Linked In:

Set up a profile, for yourself personally, or your business, or even better; both.

Find some companies to follow, your clients, or those who you would like to be clients.

Connect with people you know.

Join industry groups, ask questions.

Ask for recommendations.

Connect with a few new people each week.

Google +:

Set up a profile, for yourself personally, and your business, have Google + verify your business address.

Post comments and links that interested you and pertain to your business.

Set your posts to “public” so that new people might find you.

Add some people to your circles, those you know, and follow some people you do not know.

Start a hangout for people with an interest you share.


Set up a profile, and begin with a few boards.

Pin some pictures to the boards, from your own website or blog, or from others that interest you.

Find some people to follow.

Repin the pictures that might interest your audience.

Always Pin any new pictures that go on your website.

Tweet your Pins.


Set up a channel, and add any videos that are relevant to your business.

Subscribe to some channels related to your industry.

Share interesting or fun videos that you find on Facebook or Twitter.

Make new videos and post them on your channel.

Are you interested in learning more than the basics?  Would you like some help in figuring out which of these platforms is best suited to your business?  Do you need some ideas of what to talk to your followers about, and how to encourage them to talk back?  Contact us by email and we would be happy to help.


About FreeSocial online

FreeSocial helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their online marketing and public relations. We can explain the intricacies of using the various social media the internet has to offer. We help you plan your online marketing strategy and suggest the best tools for you to use for what you do. We can provide ideas for the best ways for you to reach your customers and clients. We are specialists in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging, and the best thing about these internet tools is that they're FREE! With our guidance, and some time and effort, you can change from a caterpillar into a social media butterfly!
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