The High Sharers of Social Media

The High Sharers of Social Media

Many of the small organizations and businesses I get to talk to in my social media consultancy in Las Vegas, feel that they ought to be using social media to back up their marketing and advertising. They have often created one or two social media profiles. I often meet people who have become unenthusiastic about social media though, because they don’t see their actions yielding any financial, measurable returns.

An important part of my meeting with clients, is the discussion on which social media platforms will suit them and their business. We talk about which type of people prefer which platform and why, how to get the right message to those people.

20% of online users are considered High Sharers. They tend to be younger people, and more active on the internet, with more devices to access it. When I was at business school, we called this type of person a Maven – a trusted expert in their particular field, who want to pass knowledge on to others. An economist writer I particularly enjoy, Malcolm Gladwell, used the term in his excellent book The Tipping Point to describe those who are intense gatherers of information and impressions, and so are often the first to pick up on new or nascent trends. You certainly want these people in your corner.

Within this group, there are several types of High Sharers, with different styles of sharing. Understanding them will help you to more effectively voice your social media marketing and engage your customers.

The Giver/Donor

I have been closely working with a local charity on their social media and these are worth their weight in gold to charities and non-profit organizations. These social sharers are motivated by a pure desire to help others. The best way to communicate with the Givers is by Facebook and email – and wherever you can – use photos to engage them.

The Selective Friend

These people will spot a piece of information that they think will interest of benefit and specific friend. They will usually do it by email, either straight from the website or by sending a mail.

The Reviewer

People who like to review things they are passionate about, such as restaurants or movies, will share about something because they love and they think the other person will love it too. They might do it on Facebook, and often people with similar passions are drawn together on Twitter, following people they have never met, but share the same interest with. They are the ones you can rely on to review your organization on a customer review site, so be sure to point them that way.

The Business Person

These people aren’t in it for the fun of it, they’re using social netwroks to further their career. They will certainly be on LinkedIn, but will seek out fellow experts on Twitter and sometimes use Facebook.

The Influencer

These are the ones who are somehow aware of the latest fashions first. They usually have a specialist area, but sometimes that can be a wide area, such as technology or culture. They’re using all the methods available to keep up with new developments and trends.

The Uniter

They will use as many of the social media platforms at their disposal as they can to share information with friends and strangers. They will use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to connect and socialize with a wide group of people.

The Attention-Grabber

They share information for the attention and reaction of their followers. They will often have a blog, probably have a Pinterest account, and use Twitter to promote them.

Consider which of these High Sharers you want to target and make a plan of how to engage them to encourage them to share information about your organization. You need to consider how to produce content tailored to your chosen audience’s tastes and needs and use the right platform to get the information to them. Tests on human psychology show that we are quite likely to act on recommendation from an impartial party, you need to find lots of them to back up whatever you may say yourself about your business. This will directly lead to increased brand loyalty and sales.


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