Promoting a Bakery with Social Media

Last week I met with Sharon, who owns and runs a bakery with her husband. They have a store with a few small tables inside and out, and the majority of their business is done before 9:30 and and between 12 and 3pm. They also do cake baking and decorating for special occasions. They have had a presence on Facebook for some time, but they haven’t posted on it regularly because they weren’t really sure what to do with it.

The first thing we did was consider their business website, I started off by trying out some major search terms that may have lead people to their site. We discussed how they could encourage their own customers to help them with the Search Engine Optimization, and as a result, to produce a higher ranking on search engines when key search terms are used.

We then went on to evaluate their Facebook page. They had around 250 likes on the page, which I think is pretty good going. Sharon admitted to being unsure what sort of thing to put on there. We discussed the analytics page, and how important the “people talking about this” number is. I suggested a few ways to get their fans clicking “like” and commenting on their posts. They are in the sort of business that should gain many positive feelings – pictures of their cakes, special offers, stories of new recipes and products should get all people smiling and clicking “like”, and helping to share the bakery’s posts with all their friends.

I had a few other suggestions as to how to get their customers working for them, offering incentives to share their pictures and posts, and to “check-in” on Foursquare and Facebook. They can quite easily give away points that add up to a free pastry in return for this sort of promotion.

I gave them an introduction to Twitter, and suggested they get on there. I think Facebook is better suited to their business, but if you are sat in front of your computer posting on Facebook, it doesn’t hurt to update your Twitter feed too.

We also discussed blogging, recipe and cooking blogs are very popular, and if they got involved with this they could enhance their reputation as high quality bakers with plenty of know-how. They can post their blogs on Twitter and Facebook as well as commenting on other baking blogs to increase their blog readership. Pinterest is very popular with foodies, too, and this bakery has created some incredible cakes, and has photographed them all, some of them are on their website, I suggested pinning all of them straight away, and in future pinning them, and linking this to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I left Sharon enthused and excited. She has promised me she will be spending at least 15 minutes a day in front of a computer working on her online presence, and she will try out a few new promotions online. I expect this to yield instant profitable results!


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FreeSocial helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their online marketing and public relations. We can explain the intricacies of using the various social media the internet has to offer. We help you plan your online marketing strategy and suggest the best tools for you to use for what you do. We can provide ideas for the best ways for you to reach your customers and clients. We are specialists in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging, and the best thing about these internet tools is that they're FREE! With our guidance, and some time and effort, you can change from a caterpillar into a social media butterfly!
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