Get The Word Out About a New Website! Search Engine Optimization Using Social Media and Blogging

I consider myself a Social Media Consultant. I am not a website designer, nor am I by any stretch of the imagination an html expert. I did design some of my own websites, though, albeit using a website template and a bit of cutting and pasting with html.

I set up one of my online businesses in February, and, with a couple of hours of work a day, not every day, after three months my site was one the first page of a Google search for my major keywords. I did this partly using valid content and the correct tags, but the vast majority of my efforts were using online contacts and social media tools.

My business was brand new and I had very little to talk about. Except that, my businesses and how and why I set it up. There wasn’t much point in starting up my own blog at this point, but I could see that there were many blogs out there in my chosen industry. I asked a few of them if I could write a guest blog for them, about myself, or something related to our industry. Actually, I asked a LOT of them. I Googled, I searched Twitter and Facebook, and I checked links from blog to blog. I spent an hour or so a day, searching for bloggers who might help me out, and of course, get some extra content for their own blog. The majority won’t be interested, that’s why you have to cast your net wide and far, really brainstorm on who might be out there blogging about your industry, and the themes you can write about that will give you the opportunity to put that all important link on their site that goes to yours.

That’s what it’s all about, the internet, links. Links on a page with millions of other links just won;t cut it for the search engines. To be seen as an expert in your field (by the search engines, that’s what matters at first) you need to feature your link on a website that it already considered an expert in your field (by the search engines). When your business is new and there just isn’t any online buzz about you yet, you have to get out there and create it.

I used the connections I had made to start a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest following, and posted these guest-blogs I was writing on to my sites – another incentive for others to write about me – I give them extra publicity that way. I built up my own online social network slowly and organically. Now I have my own blog for this business, and I’m getting requests from people just like I was – looking for that extra bump up from an industry expert!


About FreeSocial online

FreeSocial helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their online marketing and public relations. We can explain the intricacies of using the various social media the internet has to offer. We help you plan your online marketing strategy and suggest the best tools for you to use for what you do. We can provide ideas for the best ways for you to reach your customers and clients. We are specialists in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging, and the best thing about these internet tools is that they're FREE! With our guidance, and some time and effort, you can change from a caterpillar into a social media butterfly!
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